Yasmin is an MC, public speaker, activist, and educator. Yasmin has the passion to create a more inclusive society for People With a Disability in the local community.

Yasmin has hosted at a number of conferences, workshops, gala’s, events, and expos. Yasmin is now currently speaking as a Lived Experience Educator for the SSI Our Voice Project. Yasmin is based in the greater Sydney area. 

The SSI Our Voice Project is about Lived Experience Educators (LEE’s) who are adults that live with a Disability that come from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse background to share their experience, and knowledge with disability service providers by using a variety of storytelling methods, and learning activities. 

For more information about the SSI Our Voice Project, please visit this website: https://www.ourvoice.ssi.org.au/

If you’re a Disability Service Provider, and would like to book Yasmin for any upcoming events, please visit this website: https://www.ourvoice.ssi.org.au/speakers/yasmin-farhart/

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Mobile: 0414 499 186

Email: yasmin@yasminfarhart.com.au

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