Yasmin is an emcee, public speaker, and advocate for People with a Disability. Yasmin has the passion to create a more inclusive society for People With a Disability in the local community by facilitating, as well as hosting public events in the community.

As a professional MC, Yasmin will brighten up your next event by bringing with her warm, enthusiastic, and confident personality. She has a strong can-do attitude, which is beneficial for hosting any public event, whilst keeping the audience engaged.

From speaking at public events to event planning, Yasmin has tremendous experience with organising, and facilitating public events. Not only Yasmin can liven up your events, she can also make it memorable, and entertaining for you.

Yasmin previously spoke as a Lived Experience Educator for the SSI Our Voice Project, in which she shared her experiences, and knowledge with a variety of Disability Service Providers around Sydney as a woman with a Disability. 

Yasmin is now currently a facilitator for the Multicultural Peer Network with Settlement Services International, in which she facilitates workshops for the Disability community online.

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Email: yasmin@yasminfarhart.com.au

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