Emcee, Public Speaker, and Disability Advocate

Who's Yasmin?

I’m an emcee, public speaker, and Disability advocate. I’m very passionate about creating a more inclusive society for the Disabled community through facilitating workshops, community projects, and hosting public events in the community.

Not only I’ll brighten up your event by bringing an amazing, warm, and confident personality, I’ll also make it memorable for you, and the audience through my expertise with public speaking.

I’ve got a strong, positive can-do attitude when it comes to organising, and facilitating public events. I can keep the audience engaged, as well as being entertained at your events. I’m currently located in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next event, please contact me via my Contact page.

Keep in touch

Mobile: 0414 499 186

Email: yasmin@yasminfarhart.com.au

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